Sonoma Gaydar’s Annual Karaoke Night 18

382351_546455512054383_273258931_nJoin us on Saturday, February 21, at 8pm for a fun-filled evening of music, friendship and performance in the barn at MacArthur Place Hotel. Hosted by the one and only Cat Smith, our Karaoke Night is always a blast!

Admission is free, but a $5 entrance fee to go to our Karaoke mistress of ceremonies is suggested.

If you are planning to have dinner at Saddles Steak House before Karaoke, please be sure to call and make your reservations: (707) 933-3191.

Karaoke Night
Sat. Feb 21st at 8pm
MacArthur Place Hotel
29 East MacArthur St.
Sonoma, CA 95476

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    Colin Behenna (Waterloo), as well as goal scoring forwards Chris Chappell (Pickering),
    Andrew Smith (Kitchener), and Brett Mackie (Whitby).

    But Bourque says that, while his team might have less pure offense
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